File Extension Mso

Files that carry the .mso extension can be divided into two types. The first refers to the format used when saving a Microsoft Office file as a web page. the .mso file contains information about OLE objects and macros contained in the Office file, allowing them to be properly rendered in a web browser. This type of .mso can be opened with a text editor, but because it is raw code it serves no purpose to anyone but a programmer. It's also recommended that these files not be opened manually as any alteration, even if accidental, could render the website unusable.


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Also noted by Microsoft is an error reported when saving an Office HTML file to a FrontPage web project. When saving the Office file as HTML, links are created to reference data within the document, but no actual linkable files are created. Frontpage may interpret these embedded links as broken, which will in turn cause them to show up in the broken hyperlinks report. As long as the page displays correctly in a web browser, these links can be removed within FrontPage using the office HTML editor. The process for doing this is as follows:

1.In FrontPage, right-click the Office HTML file, and click "Open With" on the menu.
2.In the "Open With Editor" dialog box, click to select "Text Editor", and click "OK."
3.In the Office HTML file, remove the specific hyperlink references.


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More Info Regarding File Extension Mso

The second type of .mso file is related to Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Office 2000. These files will only appear in conjunction with email created by Outlook or Outlook express, and only when the email is constructed in HTML format and has an in-line attachment first created by Microsoft Office 2000. The .mso file (usually named oledata.mso) contains information needed to properly display the attachment on computers that do not have Microsoft Office 2000 or later. This file should not be deleted as long as the recipient intends to keep the email. Doing so renders the email attachment unreadable in the future. Microsoft Entourage and Office 2000 or later can read the in-line attachments with no difficulty. In such a case, although the .mso file still exists, it remains unseen by the user.

Users of the Eudora email client might also see a file with the extension .wmz when viewing an email with an .mso in-line attachment. Just like the .mso file, the .wmz file contains information needed to render the attachment readable in Eudora. Care should be taken not to delete this file as long as the email is saved for future use. The .wmz cannot be opened or edited, eliminating the possibility of it being accidentally altered.

The .mso file should not be confused with Microsoft's MSO (Microsoft Shared Object) files such as Mso.dll and MSo9.dll. The MSO .dll files, as well as the shared objects themselves, are utilized throughout the Microsoft operating system, performing vital operations necessary to run the computer. Confusing them with .mso files and deleting them when trying to clean off a hard drive will most certainly cause serious damage to your operating system. In some cases the machine may be unusable. If you experience problems with your computer relating to Mso .dll files, consult the Microsoft website or your computer professional for help.

Finally, there are some older programs that saved in native formats using an .mso extension. Amiga Music Tracker is one in particular, but that program' along with the Amiga itself, is no longer widely used. ActiveMime, similar to ActiveX, has also used this files with this extension. Math Script Object files and MedlySound sound modules have been associated with the .mso extension in the past, but no information is currently available on these programs.

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